We prepare meals for all visitors including day visitors at the camp. All meals are prepared upon reservation. For the campers, chefs and staff will be standby incase of onsite meal requests and/ or change in meal plan

If you need hot lunch or lunch boxes on your way to Serengeti and/or Ngorongoro, we also prepare delicious take aways for you

Night bird watching
This is our invention where we hit the wilderness during the night with the guard and torches to watch the birds while sleeping, as a normal adventure activity for us, we advice it to our clients as it the most relaxing experience and thrilling at the same time

We lead you to the lower canopy forests, open farmlands and under the high cliffs of deep gorges and rift valley. We take you to see waterfalls springs and many other aspiring attractions around lake Manyara national park

Maasai boma visit
This is the common activity to most of areas around Tanzania and East Africa in general. To make it more educational and ofcourse recreational we organize dances at the bomas and elder elaborations of life at the boma, like how to feed families when hunger strikes for example, and how morani-maasai soldiers have been protecting their bomas through history and many more stories

For adventure visitors this is the most convenient place to visit while in Tanzania. This is because it is located at the area with lots of sites suitable for hiking and rock climbing. With safety insured before every hiking activity we also use strong ropes to support hikers and rock climbers.




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